The Mindful Yoga Teacher Training

In-depth, authentic & high-quality yoga teacher training geared to make you successful as a yoga teacher with Arundhati Baitmangalkar
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Michelle Bundoc

"It's clear when you practice yoga with Arundhati that you are taking instruction from a master. "

Swaroopa Gollapalli

"Aru is technical, passionate with purpose & very practical. My YTT was very organized & structured."

Antonella Salatino 
"Aru is creative, passionate, & very knowledgeable of the yoga philosophy. Being Italian she made sure to speak slowly so I could keep up"

The YTT problem that's been unresolved 

The problem with most yoga teacher trainings today, is this - most go wide but not deep. Leaving you with incomplete knowledge, confusion & inadequate understanding of what it means to teach yoga. The Mindful Yoga Teacher Training is one of a kind, high-quality, authentic & In-depth training geared to make you successful yoga teacher & lifelong yoga student.

Why I worked for the perfect solution

For over a decade, I've been trying to solve the inadequacy of modern yoga teacher training. A yoga teacher's training can be very powerful, life-enhancing & deeply impactful both personally & professionally.


These YTTs need to be done right! That involves a steady focus on 2 main components...

Firstly, it entails keeping yoga authentic to its roots. All while helping equip the yoga teacher with the necessary knowledge, skills & tools you need to succeed.

The mindful YTT aims to set a steady, strong & clear foundation for new, aspiring or experienced YTs looking to learn yoga in an ernest, sincere way? This is my legacy. I've done the hard work so you don't have to struggle anymore.

yoga teacher training
True to yoga's roots. The training is authentic to yoga's cultural roots 
Arundhati has over a 15 years of teaching experience 
Each module is geared to go in-depth with high-quality education 
Recorded & live lectures in audio & video form for flexible learning
On-going support
12 monthly group calls with Arundhati post training 
Supportive, diverse, inclusive yoga community of teachers 

Who is this training for?

New yoga teacher
Anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher
Experienced yoga teachers 
Teachers seeking specialization & in-depth learning 
Eternal yoga students
Anyone who wants to study yoga in-depth & not teach
yoga teacher training

Here's what you'll learn

The training is divided into modules. With flexible online learning. Each module is carefully curated for you to learn efficiently, quickly & thoroughly. The modules drop one by one so you're never lost in a sea of content.

Each module is highly organized. With checklists, roadmaps & milestone markers to keep you on track. With audio & video lectures depending on how you learn. As well as in-depth manuals, yoga class sequences & summaries.

When I say, this is the best training out there. I mean it. It's taken years to curate this content so you learn mindfully and efficiently. Click on each module button to know more.

Hi, I'm Arundhati

I've been teaching yoga for 15 years. From my yoga classes in India to my thriving yoga studio in Seattle. I've gone through every stage of being a yoga teacher. But I've been particularly obsessed with how yoga teachers are created. 

Over the past decade, I've been carefully, meticulously been curating a yoga teacher training syllabus that will serve two very important purposes. That helps you succeed as a yoga teacher & uphold the authentic teachings of yoga.

I've tried, tested & figured out what it takes to help yoga teachers succeed in their yoga practice. These are condensed, structured & packed into each module of this training. With a strong focus on critical thinking, clarity & self-leadership.

Each module has video lessons, & audio lectures. Along with roadmaps, milestone goals, checklists, custom sequences & course manuals. I've thought of everything so you can work smart & learn in an efficient way.

I've taken a decade to curate this syllabus. Because it's deeply personal to me. As an Indian, yoga has been a part of my life since my birth. I understand & effortlessly share nuances that elude my western counterparts. All while making yoga's ancient wisdom, practical & accessible for modern life.

See you in the training, my friend. It will enrich you in so many ways. I can't wait to see you succeed in your yoga journey as a student & as a yoga teacher.

My Story
yoga teacher training

How It Works....

Step 1
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Sign up for one module or all of them 
Step 2
Mark your start date
Course will open on dates listed per module

What you'll learn?

The training is offered in modular settings. Each module is 30 to 50 hours long. Equipped with audio, video & visual learning aids. Along with roadmaps, checklists, custom yoga sequences & in-depth course manuals.

Every module comes with live, online group segments with Arundhati.

Sign up for the modules below. 

What our graduates are saying say about us

Nimisha Gera
Product Manager
I recently studied to teach with Arundhati. it was a very immersive and enriching experience. Arundhati is one of the best, most sincere, knowledgeable, disciplined and authentic yoga teachers that I've ever met. Her passion & love for your yoga resonates deeply in her teachings. I highly her for all your yoga needs.
Xuan Bouchet
Arundhati teaches with her passion for Yoga and her care for all her students. She is always available. She is dedicated, graceful, and fun. Arundhati keeps a high standard and takes all her students. She is an excellent teacher. I feel confident and ready to teach.
Marcy Adamsnelson
Arundhati makes sure you are well prepared and full of the applicable knowledge for you to be successful as a great yoga teacher
Jayshree Chudgar
I am glad I took my training with Arundhati. As a teacher is very knowledgeable & has planned the course very well. She's authentic in her teaching process.
Sam Hurkadli
Speech Therapist
The YTT with Aru has been a phenomenal & outstanding experience. It was extremely thorough. Aru is very knowledgeable & an inspiring teacher. She's personable, energetic, fun & a diligent teacher. She created a safe learning environment where I could challenge myself, expand my horizons & deepen my practice. All through she was able to individualize the training for each of the participants as needed. 
Sonal Mittal

Arundhati truly believes and takes responsibility & leadership to have knowledgeable teachers in the world. She is very dedicated to the success of all the students in training. Her deep knowledge about yoga makes her best teacher to learn from. She is fully invested to make every students successful and tries her best to provide best resources to everyone to succeed. I personally like her style and continuous feedback from her that made me grow and learn more. I would highly recommend taking teacher training from Arundhati.

Srujana Aouk
Childcare center owner

Aru is a very dedicated yoga teacher. Her command over subject of yoga is easily seen. She manages to hold you accountable in a supportive, effortless way in her teachings. Highly recommended.

Allison Gubata
Office manager
I highly recommend taking your practice deeper or teacher training with Arundhati. She's very professional & passionate about yoga - you won't be disappointed!

Module 1: Pranayama Teacher Training & Immersion

October 1st - 3rd & 8th - 10th, 2021
Live sessions - 09am  to 12pm & 1pm to 3pm PST
What you'll learn? 
In this 30 hour program, you'll learn to approach pranayama in a clear, structured, precise manner.  

You'll learn the most important techniques in precise detail & how they're categorized in various levels for beginners, intermediate & advanced practitioners.  
Pranayama class sequencing, types of prana, benefits & contraindications are included.  

The relationship between asanas & pranayama. Plus various approaches to pranayama are covered.
How to teach pranayama online and in-person. 

Format of learning 
This training is offered as live online training with Arundhati. With additional recorded resources. 

You'll be given a set of pre-recorded lessons to practice & learn from apart from live sessions. This is in addition to all live lectures recorded. To ensure high-quality learning all your lessons will be saved online & offered in video & audio formats.

In-depth manual, class sequences & 6 monthly alumni group calls with Arundhati included. You have 6 months of access to all content. 
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pranayama teacher training

Module 2:  How to teach yoga to  beginners 

Content drops December 10th, 2021
beginners yoga teacher training
What you'll learn?
Why beginners yoga is the most important class you'll ever teach?
What to teach in beginner's yoga classes? 
How to explain what is yoga in a nutshell
How to build sequences to engage beginners?
Adaptability & thinking on your feet
What's the best approach to teaching beginners
Structuring a successful beginner series 
How to build rapport & community?
How to set up as a beginner yoga teacher?
Online & in-person teaching skills development
Format of learning 
This training is offered as a pre-recorded training for flexible, structured learning. Arundhati will be leading live sessions throughout your training. 

These 6 additional sessions are detailed out in your course curriculum. To ensure high-quality learning all your lessons will be saved online & offered in video & audio formats. Along with class sequences & course manuals. Available for 6 months from the start date.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.
What are the pre-requisites for joining this program? 

You should have already completed a 200 hour YTT. If not, Arundhati does consider exceptions on a case on case basis. If you want to join, please email Arundhati at [email protected]

Does this qualify for Yoga Alliance certification? 
Yes. This program provides CEUs applicable for Yoga Alliance. If you do all 6 modules offered you qualify for a 200 hour (if new) or a 300 hour if you've already done a 200 hour YTT. 
Do I need to study the modules in order? 
No. The modules aren't interdependent in any way. So you can do them in any order. 
Can I take only one module or do I need to do all modules? 

You can take do one or all modules based on your interest. Each module goes deep into the subject. So feel free to take one or all.

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